This is some of my software. Mostly just small tools, to make life a little easier.


A python script to translate gpx and Google Earth files from one format to another. Uses GPSBabel to do the heavy lifting, buts adds some nifty features of its own. Please read the included readme file

Last updated on May 15, 2009. Latest version works on OS 10.4.11 as well (with older Python).

LaTeX Color Selector

A somewhat older tool te create color-codes for HTML, CSS, and LaTeX. Runs on Mac OS X, sources are included.


A small application to add GPS derived speed to a simultaneously recorded movie. Documentation is available online. Last updated on October 11, 2008. Now runs on Tiger as well, no really!

ShowSpeed Sources

The sources for ShowSpeed are released under the GNU General Public License. Share and Enjoy.

Speed Histogram

A small python program to translate a GPX file into a histogram of the speeds you were doing during the ride.

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