These are the help pages for the ShowSpeed application. They describe how the application works, and how you could perform those steps manually. The latter may come in handy if you happen to run Windows, but still want to add those speeds.

Origins of ShowSpeed

Recumbent riders are a strange (but lovely) breed. They make a video of a half-hour race, and put the complete video, all 1.7 GB of it, on a video-dump (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, …). Well, perhaps that part isn’t strange, but the fact that there are people who then watch that whole video is at least a little bit strange.

After posting the video, Harry Lieben remarked that it would be nice to display the speed in the video-stream. After a short discussion, and a suggestion by Oscar Roozen, I solved that problem by using a text stream in QuickTime. The core script is written in Python, and a wrapper to provide the correct parameters to that script was written in AppleScript Studio. The Python script works on Linux and Windows as well, and can be used to do the same thing manually on Windows. For Linux you probably need to write a different format to add titles in whatever you use to deal with video files.